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Networks Infrastructure

A solid network infrastructure is required to build a successful unified communications system in an enterprise environment.In addition to the traditional "speeds and feeds" philosophy, Cerium leverages technologies to design, implement and support various network infrastructure solutions.

These network infrastructure solutions include network access control, internal network security, quality of service, and solutions to support virtual environments. As organizations evolve, it is critical to have a reliable, secure, scalable and adaptable foundation all network services depend on. Our Cisco certified engineering team can deliver superior core switching and routing solutions as well as first-rate design, implementation and support services to uphold and maintain the stability of your core environment. Our infrastructure services and solutions encompass all aspects of critical back-end IT environments from basic connectivity to more complex visualization, security and application delivery solutions.

Jar Systems designs and develops complete silicon and software solutions for service provider, data center, enterprise and small-to-medium business networks. Our solutions leverage industry-proven Ethernet technology to promote faster, greener and more cost-efficient transport and processing of voice, video and data across both wired and wireless networks.

Jar Systems' technology enables a network infrastructure that is scalable, secure and easy to manage. Our products are found in a wide variety of networking equipment including Ethernet switches, routers and gateways, security appliances, DSLAMs, 3G/4G wireless backhaul equipment, cable and VoIP hardware, desktop and notebook computers, servers and storage appliances, and network-attached printers. turnkey site preparation service for the demanding of data Processing with our uniquely stuffed and qualified the company provide all the resources necessary to satisfy the most complex needs of today technology advanced data center with IVAD (integrated Voice & Data) VOIP, IPTV, IP CCTV, etc.

We also discovered that industry is willing to partner with government on critical infrastructure protection. However, only one-third of critical infrastructure providers feel extremely prepared against all types of attacks. We learned that the energy industry is the best prepared, while the communications industry is the least prepared. Here are some recommendations to ensure resiliency against critical infrastructure cyber attacks:

  • Develop and enforce Networks policies and automate compliance processes.
  • Protect information proactively by taking an information-centric approach to protect both information and interactions.
  • Authenticate identities to ensure only authorized personnel have access to systems.
  • Manage systems by implementing secure operating environments, distributing and enforcing patch levels, automating processes to streamline efficiency, and monitoring and reporting on system status.
  • Protect the infrastructure by securing endpoints, messaging and Web environments.
  • Ensure 24X7 availability
  • Develop an information management strategy that includes an information retention plan and policies.