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Security Firewalls

A firewall is a blockade between a secure internal network and an untrusted network such as the Internet.Most companies use a firewall to connect an internal network safely to the Internet, although you can also use a firewall to secure one internal network from another.

A firewall provides a controlled single point of contact (called a chokepoint) between your secure internal network and the untrusted network. The functions of the firewall are as follows:
  • Enabling users in your internal network to use authorized resources that are located on the outside network.
  • Preventing unauthorized users on the outside network from using resources on your internal network.
When you use a firewall as your gateway to the Internet (or other network), you reduce the risk to your internal network. Using a firewall also makes administering network security easier because firewall functions carry out many of your security policy directives.

Jar Systems provides a powerful and extremely reliable detection and classification of more than 1,200 applications and sub-applications by combining Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and behavioral traffic analysis – no matter if the protocols are using advanced obfuscation, port hopping techniques, or encryption. It allows the creation of dynamic application policies and facilitates establishing and enforcing acceptable access and use policies for users and groups by application, application category, location, and time of day. Administrators can now:

  • Block unwanted applications for certain users or groups.
  • Control and throttle acceptable traffic.
  • Preserve bandwidth and speed-up business-critical applications to ensure business continuity.
  • Enable or disable specific application sub-functions (e.g., Facebook Chat, YouTube Postings, or MSN file transfers).
  • Intercept SSL-encrypted application traffic.