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Smart Education Equipment

In the today’s world the mode of studying has changed by leaps and bounds. Notebooks have been replaced by online assignments, calculations are no longer done using pen and paper and the traditional blackboards have been substituted by highly modernized interactive whiteboards, visuaizers and projectors. Smart classroom enables the teachers to create technology-rich study material that helps them in educating the students in a more effective and pleasing manner.

Jar Systems is a rising emperor that provides world class products for designing the perfect smart classrooms. From Visualizers to Interactive Whiteboards and from Educational Software to Projectors and Response Systems, we manufacture almost all sorts of equipment which can definitely enrich the learning experience while holding the interest of the students. We at JAr Systems make sure that all our products go through a vigorous quality test so as to provide excellent quality along with best performance.

Areen Systems provides Systems & Equipment for Better Education : Interactive Whiteboards. SMART Boards. Touch Panel Control. Audio and Video smart tools. Classroom Design. Multimedia Podiums.