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Video Conference

As well as improving the business process by shortening time to market, improving problem resolution or giving your employees access to remote experts wherever they are, videoconferencing can also significantly reduce hard and soft costs associated with travel. Savings from airfares, rail tickets or business mileage are easier to quantify thanks to videoconferencing and should not be ignored. Significant savings are also available when soft costs such as productivity losses associated with travelling, or the effects on employee’s work-life balance are taken into account.

A Fire Detection system is similar to a nervous system for a building. Honeywell’s line of fire detection devices allows the alarm system to sense the presence of smoke, sense heat inside of a room and remotely control items like door releases and elevators.

In addition to sensing the condition of the items, the system can monitor the trouble outputs of other whole systems, allowing you to create a status monitoring system for other systems within the building. Thus, you can create a sophisticated integrated system that controls the building based upon logical sequences.

we provide advanced solutions for customers throughout KSA. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver high-quality fire alarm systems in a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. Plus, we complement our products with tools and resources to support contractors, engineers, building owners and local fire officials in the design, installation, service and oversight of fire alarm systems.

Jar Systems provides videoconferencing solutions to customers throughout world. Based on best in class technology and powered by Jar Systems' Global Managed Services videoconferencing solutions from Jar Systems are designed to deliver real value to organisations.

Jar Systems provide a wide range of broadcasting/streaming products to suit any application. Everything from small portable streaming appliances to professional grade systems including scalable rackmount systems supporting large numbers of sources and streaming clients

RealPresence Immersive

Looking eye to eye across a virtual desk with remote participants. Seeing them in life-size HD video and hearing what they say in crystal-clear HD audio. Feeling just like you're in the same room, not miles apart. That's the Polycom immersive experience.

RealPresence Room

Video conferencing options that suit meeting rooms of different sizes and budgets. Pre-packaged or custom-designed solutions. Cutting-edge technology from Polycom that maximizes your experience and reduces your operating costs .

RealPresence Mobile

You’re mobile. Sometimes you’re at the office. Or working from home. Wherever you are, you need to collaborate face to face with colleagues, meet with customers, communicate with partners, patients, students… Polycom RealPresence Mobile instantly transforms your tablet or smartphone into a mobile videoconferencing tool.

RealPresence Desktop

Polycom RealPresence Desktop Solutions deliver legendary HD video collaboration experiences to your PC, executive desktop, branch office, or video kiosk.